June 25, 2007

Before riding you must, and I mean must groom your horse. When grooming your horse there are four basic steps.

  1. Curry Brush your horse. You want to do this in circles.

  2. Brush your horse off with a soft bristle brush. Go with the hair.

  3. Then you need to hoof pick your horse’s feet, this is very important.

  4. Fly spray your horse. You don’t need your horse getting distracted by flies.

After riding (depending on the climate) you will usually hose your horse off.

  1. First spray your horse’s legs down.

  2. You will slowly work your way up to the body.

  3. Next, try to hose your horse’s face off. Some horses have big problems with the water in their face. If they do just sponge their face off.

  4. Then, dry them off with a sweat scrapper and dry their legs down with a dry towel getting the access water off.

  5. Lastly, fly spray your horse so they don’t get irritated by flies.

 Of course you can go into a lot more depth then this but, the above are the basics.


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